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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello my dear unknown reader.
As you see, this Blog is much more focused on career than on the MBA itself. This is probably because once you’re admitted, this is a straightforward process. I will emphasis that Networking is an important aspect. And on this I’m not doing enough and that is not satisfactory.
Now I’m getting more and more focused on Equity Research. My career research in France is not giving much result. This tend to prove that an MBA is really valued in a few sectors.
The real employment season start in September, October. Before this time, I need to broaden my knowledge of Equity Research and also to start to prepare my interviews.
(I also decided to improve my English as I’m satisfied of my performances).
But I guess you will have already noticed this :=>

Friday, February 18, 2005

Hello dear reader.
Two main topics today.

1) Concerning the MBA.
Things are going smoothly. No real issues for the moment. I think we might be asked around 10h of works between session (ie 5 hours/week). It isn’t that bad. The teachings are interesting. It’s worth the money requested. But honestly, for the moment, we do not go deep enough to provide skills that might change your career. But still so far so good.

2) Concerning career.
That is another topic. I’ve seen someone from career department. I
understand know why people focus so much on career department. I can provide a great help. However, this are the things I have noticed. Do not expect to much from a MBA. It will not change a career by itself. It might help you. But you will to sweat. MBA are only favored by investment bank and consulting firm. Other companies will be interested depending on economic environment and opportunities. But it is not a core target for them. I think I might be interested by equity research but I will need to do my homework :

That’s all folks…


Thursday, February 10, 2005

So I did have this meeting with a career coach. Was interesting, the lady can provide help to produce a CV and to help determine what career would best suits you (someting that might be usefull for me).
The main points :
- LBS mainly receive offers from consulting and banks. Only very few from industrial sector/ Even less from international country.
This means that for me who is seeking to return to France as a financial controler in an industrial company, the LBS will be of very little help. But somehow I'm getting back to bank. Probably something that lie within me.
One interesting question was to ask if I should wait to finish my MBA to apply for a bank. She told me that not necessarly but I should probably wait to have finished the core courses. Indeed IB is a very demanding job and the advantage of the electives courses is that they can be more easily scheduled. Moreover, it would give me more experience in my MBA.

Anyway, nest monday I should meet someone form career department who mainly deal with banks. She will tell me if my profile might be considered or not. However the problem is htat in this case the job would be in London. With my wife and my child in Paris.
I don't know. I really don't know.
Today I did not have anything to do. And I feel more empty and tired than if I had worked for 20 hours.
This is going to be hard...

See you mate...


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hello, dear reader,
I’ve been granted a waiver in accounting. So that’s some relief for me and less work to do. Subjects taught now are Statistics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Developping Effective Organisation. Things are quite interesting. It do not require that much work (probably around 5 hours per week). But those things are not really new for me.
I have started to look for job in France. It will be a good way to see if a MBA was worth going or not. This Wednesday I will have a meeting with someone of career department. I really wonder what kind of help they can provide. Cause for employers, the core target is definitely FT students, around 27 / 28. Moreover, the main sectors recruiting are Bankers and Consulting.
I did choose an MBA to enhance my career within an industrial company. Let’s hope I did not do a mistake.
See you…


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hello, dear reader.
I have done my first WE on course. I have to say that on a global basis it is interesting and teachers are of good quality. Now I will have to go on two years. It seems that the program will be quite demanding. But I still have two problems to handle :
1) should I change work ? I’m not learning anything new from my job but it leaves me plenty of time to prepare my MBA. But at the same time, when I will have finish my MBA I will lack the experience I need.
2) What Job should I do after my MBA ? That’s the main question. The more I read on investment banking, the more I feel that I am too old for this and that it would be wiser to stay on financial control / CFO path. But at the same time I have this feeling that I’m left out of the business. I’m just cruching number. That’s all. How can I go back to business. Bring the bear home. Something I know for sure is that I’m not bright (although I’m not that bad either) at managing a client relationship and pulling business (I had two years to test this as a manager in a big 4 company)
The LBS propose me a one on one interview with someone of career department. But I don’t to blow this opportunity by going without being prepared. I need to have a clear view and already have asked myself the good questions.
The search goes on.
For the rest, well I have been graduated as a French CPA and Auditor. Good things that I can now leave behind…


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Well. I now started to work during the evening to prepare my courses. Damn it. My main problem is now to define what I want to do after my MBA. I have lot of ideas. But no one that pop up in my mind above all others. I mean, 1 year after I started to work I was feeling puzzled because I knew I was in a no way direction (I was working in IT). Until I read an article on auditors working fo a big five (what they were doing, how they were treated, etc.) and whrn I red this article, I did not have any bigger desire than to be a manager at Arthur Andersen. I knew it was what I wanted. It was perfectly clear and obvious.
I don't have any idea that can be compared for the moment. Lot of things going back and forth. But no one for which I can say : that's it. That's what I want to do.
A thing of which I'm sure : I want to bring the bear home. Meaning that I want to be in the front office. And not a cost center.
How to do it and what to do. That's the question. Which need an answer...


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

OK. A bit of update. I've done my first week at the LBS (Leadership + Understanding General Management). I have a mix of feelings. At the same time the teachers looked very good and the same there were not many things to remember from this week. A lot of discussion. But if I were asked to make a summary, I would be able to restore many things. But I'm thinking that this is probably due to the nature of the courses.
Another point of discussion : the Career department. To benefit from the full services, you have to get the approval of your management. I can understand this if you are supported by the compagny. But not if you are fully self sponsored (which is my case) : it's just like if a head hunter asked to your boss the permission to submit you a job proposal. But anyway, having discuss, I understood that most job offers are directed to younger FT students. It seems that to find a new job, I will mainly have to count on myself (well as usual).
Concerning my fellow student colleagues, there have a (for the biggest part) good background. At least it seems that they still select applicants.
A last advice, dear reader : be prepare to provide a lot of work. And avoid, if you can, to alternate periods of hard works and period of rest. It is much more difficult to support this on a long term.
Concerning me, I'm starting to think that this will be two hard years...


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